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2nd Hand Spotlight: Audi A8 4.0 TDi

Luxury motoring for sub-Ford Ka money...

So far in 2nd Hand Spotlight we’ve covered coupes, sports cars, convertibles, SUVs and family estates. But there’s one segment where you can always find some of the biggest bargains – the luxury barge.

There’s something very appealing about driving around in a large, comfortable saloon designed for luxury and comfort, with heated leather seats cossetting your behind and all the toys under the sun at your fingertips. They’re even more appealing when they cost a tenth of their list price…

The generic go-to car in this segment is the Mercedes S-Class, then the BMW 7-Series. But the Merc is far too common and we’ve done a couple of BMWs already so that leaves us looking at one of the sharper looking rivals – the Audi A8.

There are plenty of engines to choose from in the A8, from the 3.0 litre diesel right up to a W12 petrol engine with over 500 bhp, but we’re going for the middle ground of the 4.0 litre V8 diesel motor, giving a decent mix of performance and economy. With 274 bhp and an all-aluminium construction, performance is brisk – 0-62 mph is dealt with in 6.7 seconds on the way to the limited 155 mph top speed. In-gear acceleration is equally as impressive.

The car we’ve chosen is a 2004 4.0 TDi Quattro in metallic blue with a black leather interior, looking very nice on 5-spoke 18” wheels which won’t ruin the ride too much. It’s only got 76,000 miles, which is barely scratching the surface of what these luxury limos are capable of and looks to be in really good condition. When you think that this A8 cost around £60,000 when new, the asking price for this example of just £6,995 is astounding. That’s just under £2000 less than a basic Ford Ka just to put it into perspective. Sure, the servicing costs will be pretty high on the A8, but you’re getting a very high spec car for the money with great performance and 30+mpg economy.

We can’t think of anything that would give more luxury for the money and would have this car on the driveway if we had the space!

Images courtesy of Auto Trader

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