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VW Cross Up! looks set for production

Another patent office leak confirms it...

At the Frankfurt Motor Show last year VW showed five Up! concepts.

These included the eco Up! which uses biofuel to be environmentally friendly, the intriguing GT Up! which is a high performance variant with 110bhp engine, the e-Up! which is an electric version (not  a version for Yorkshire) and the Cross Up!

The Cross Up! has a 5-door body which is crucial for the small VW in markets such as India, South America and China, and will be featuring in a normal 5-door model. But thanks to another patent office leak we can see that VW are going ahead with putting the Cross Up! into production as well.

This version will also sell well in emerging markets with less than perfect roads due to the raised suspension, body cladding, faux underbody guards and roof rails. VW already has provenance with these sorts of cars as it has sold the Cross Golf, Cross Fox, Cross Polo and Cross Passat in various countries. 

The engine lineup will be the same as the 3-door, with two 1.0 litre three cylinder engines producing either 60 or 75 bhp.

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