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Zytec receives £1.3m EV grant

New development centre to be built...

Low Carbon vehicle specialist company Zytek has been granted £1.3m of government funding to develop a new electric powertrain technologies centre in Staffordshire, as part of the UK government’s regional growth fund. Lotus Cars recently got £10m and Bentley £3m from the same fund.

Zytek will also invest another £3.5m in the centre which will boost research and development into next-generation electric vehicle (EV) technologies. It will also create 44 new jobs for the area. The total investment will enable Zytek to work on developing the current bottleneck in EV design - energy storage systems (batteries to you and I) and lightweight electric motors. With better battery technology and lighter vehicles, EV range can be improved massively which is one of the biggest problems stopping the public buying the cars.

“Zytek has many years experience developing and integrating advanced electric and hybrid powertrains for several of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers,” says managing director Neil Heslington. “This new investment will ensure that we can continue to drive innovation, allowing us to introduce next-generation technologies that will significantly improve the range and cost of electric and hybrid vehicles.”

This will enable Zytek to have a central base for development and should give EV development a much-needed shot in the arm in the UK. Until now the UK has masses of engineering talent, but resources to exploit them in this area have been too thin on the ground. Definitely a step in the right direction.

“The award of an RGF grant is brilliant news for Zytek, as it underpins our planned £5million investment in people, test facilities and infrastructure,“ added chief finance officer Kerry Diamond.

“We are most grateful for the support provided by the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire LEP, in our application for this important grant.”

We look forward to seeing what Zytek come up with in the coming years.

Image courtesy of Zytek


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