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Rimac prove their Concept One is the real deal

Some tyre-shredding to prove the doubters wrong...

Fledgling Croatian supercar company Rimac debuted their Concept_One at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show and announced they would be building only 88 examples. At the recent Top Marques auto show in Monaco, Rimac announced the electric powered supercar would cost £600,000. Quite a high price tag for an electric vehicle, but the specs promise to live up to the hype.

The Concept_One features four electric motors that develop a huge combined power output of 1064 bhp and an earth-stopping 2802 lb/ft of torque. This should be enough for some serious performance and the Concept_One doesn’t disappoint again, with the 0-62 mph sprint taking just 2.8 seconds on the way to the 190 mph top speed. This is no doubt helped by the relatively low vehicle weight for an EV of 1650 kg.

It is generally EV lore that you can only choose two of the three variables – performance, weight and range. If you want high performance and low weight, you’ll have a small range (see Tesla Roadster). Or you can have a lightweight car that has massive range, yet is very slow. Basically this is because batteries weigh a lot, so for more range you’ll need more batteries, especially if they’re going to be drained quicker by higher performance. So it is very surprising when we learn that Rimac quote the range of the Concept_One as over 350 miles on a single charge.

Quite how they achieve the golden ticket of performance, weight and range is beyond us but at least they’ve now shown us that the concept is more than just a 3D CAD rendering. There were a lot of people doubting that the Concept_One even existed, so Rimac answered this with a short video showing the car doing some drifting and burnouts:

It also gives us a chance to see the styling in daylight and we have to say it’s a very good looking car. It rides a little high for our tastes, but that is down to the huge HRE wheels. Knock them down an inch or two and it would be a very well resolved design without calling on too many current designs for inspiration. It certainly has the low, wide stance of a supercar, with exposed carbon running down the sides, across the rear and adorning the front grille and bumper. The rear has a slight hint of Koenigsegg CCX-R and Fisker Karma, but that’s a stretch to define them.

The interior gets a simple dash layout with a large touchscreen to control most of the car’s systems and more than a few cows died to cover every surface in finest leather. The whole car certainly looks good enough to justify the price tag.

We’ll be following the Concept_One through to production and eagerly wait to see if the specs can be matched in the real world.

Images courtesy of Rimac

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