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Federal-Mogul reveal new ACIS spark plugs

Improves engine efficiency by around 10% over traditional spark plugs...

Federal-Mogul has released details of a new technology which it claims can have a dramatic impact on fuel efficiency and engine emissions: the Advanced Corona Ignition System, or ACIS.

Designed to replace the traditional spark-ignition system in petrol engines, the ACIS technology creates a high-intensity plasma ignition source which is larger than a spark ignition and which spreads through the combustion chamber. As a result, the company claims, more thorough combustion is achieved and engine makers can implement advanced combustion strategies like lean burn, highly dilute mixtures, and very high exhaust gas recirculation to further improve efficiency.

The result, the company claims, is an increase in fuel efficiency of around 10 per cent compared to traditional spark-ignition systems used in petrol engines today.

"Federal-Mogul’s new corona discharge ignition is a breakthrough innovation that can offer significant fuel economy gains and emission reductions at a lower incremental cost than other technologies," claimed Federal-Mogul President and CEO José Maria Alapont at the announcement. "Our Advanced Corona Ignition System is another example of Federal-Mogul’s commitment to developing leading technology and innovation to support vehicle manufacturers with regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction for energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and vehicle safety enhancements."

The company claims that the design of its current-generation ACIS hardware means that engine makers can simply replace the coil and plug spark-ignition system with no impact on engine design or its assembly process, making it easy - and, more importantly, cost-effective - to implement.

Thus far, Federal-Mogul hasn't offered a time scale for commercial introduction of the technology, which is currently under development at its technical centres in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Image courtesy of Federal-Mogul

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