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Friday Fun: Chris Harris drives the Ferrari 458 Spider like he stole it

Wait - Harris in a Ferrari again? Wassatabout then?

There was a very well-known spat a couple of years ago between Chris Harris and Ferrari. He basically accused them of running tweaked cars on the press fleet and the Italian carmaker didn’t take too kindly to his accusations, duly banning Harris from every driving a Ferrari for press purposes again. Until now, despite buying a 599 GTB himself, Ferrari have still denied one of the most popular motoring journalists of our time access to any of their cars on recent launches.

But now, thanks to an unknown friend Harris has managed to get his hands on Ferrari North Europe’s 458 Spider press car. You can tell this by the ** FNE number plate. Who the journo is that lent the car to Harris for this video will remain a mystery, but we imagine that there will be an ‘honour among thieves’ within the car journo world and no-one will snitch.

Harris knows fully well that all the 458 Spider serious reviews were done a year ago, so there’s no need for new reviews of it – but what he does show us is now the 458 Spider behaves on track when you drive it like you stole it…

It worried us that Harris wouldn’t have been able to follow his Singer 911 video, but this bit of Ferrari mentalism has satisfied us for now…

And as if this video wasn’t entertaining enough, thanks to the rather amusing snap you can see at the top of this page, the Photoshoppers over on have had fun putting Monkey in some amusing images- definitely worth a read!

 Image and videos courtesy of DRIVE 

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